Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance: Plumbing, Fixtures and Appliances

Water damage in your house is both hazardous to your health and may become an issue during home inspection. The following list will help you maintain your homes plumbing and keep your house dry, from either man made or natural water problems.

  • Check washer hoses and connections
  • Check dishwasher hoses for leaks
  • Check toilet supply / shutoff valve
  • Check hot water heater for leaks
  • Look for leaks by window and door sills
  • Clean & check refrigerator drip pan-icemaker connections
  • Check shower-tub surrounds for signs of damage including mildew or mold
  • Check traps and drains under sinks, tubs and showers for leaks
  • Check boiler for leaks
  • Clean septic tank
  • Check the attic for leaks or water damage
  • Check water main / meter or well pump for leaks or sweating
  • Check garage, driveways and other outdoor areas for water damage
  • Ensure that water is not pooling near the house and drain properly
  • Clean and maintain gutters and downspouts, ensuring water flows away from the house

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